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painting system malaysia

painting system malaysia

painting system malaysia

painting system malaysia, Our objective is to provide the best service in the way of well co-operation to our partners or customers to meet the professional requirements in malaysia for painting system . We regard our customers as Partners-in-Progress, giving them the best selection of services to fulfill their needs in cost & time effectively.

Our Experiences

  • Automotive Body Carrier Hanger & Skid attachments

  • Glove Chlorination Control & Data Logging system

  • Concrete acid vessel control & monitoring system

  • (RTO) Regenerative Thermal Oxidizing Oven

  • Cooler Evaporative Paper Gluing machine

  • Automotive Assembly Line manipulator

  • Sand Bag Robot Palletizing Plant

  • Medical Cap Printing machine

  • Servo Control Scissor Lifter

  • PCB testing & assembly system

  • Industrial curing oven system

  • Auto paint spraying system

  • RFID checking system

  • Leak testing system

  • Auto dipping system

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